Renewable Energy Solutions

Atlantic Renewable Energy is a provider of renewable energy products and systems to government, education, commercial, and residential customers.   We offer certified "Buy American" ARRA  renewable energy products.  We also provide the best perfforming products the world market has to offer.

Atlantic Renewable Energy is a supplier of solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, EV Chargers, ocean current and other underwater generation,  and other renewable energy products that meet our customer's requirements. 

Atlantic Renewable Energy works in every sector of renewable including solar cells, solar panels both thin film and crystalline, rooftop wind, hydrogen fuel cells, H2 production, FC buses, fuel pellets, small power generation equipment, and more.

 Atlantic Renewable Energy will research, locate, and, if necessary, we will custom design a product or system for your specific application.  We specialize in maximizing power output  while minimizing cost in our system design.

Atlantic Renewable Energy supports customers in the United States and Canada.

Atlantic Renewable Energy to learn how we can help deliver an energy system on time and under budget.

Atlantic Renewable Energy can provide solar leasing for your roof mounted solar energy system with no up-front cost, saving you money.

Atlantic Hydrogen Provides hydrogen production, fueling stations, fuel cell transit buses, and more.

Atlantic Wood ProductsProvides biomass products including wood fuel pellets, shavings, C&D #2 aggredate waste fuel, biomass power generation systems, and more. 

Federal Solar SupplyProvides solar panels built by the US DoJ to US Federal Government customers world wide.

.Federal Energy Supply Provides solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, and more to federal, state, local governments and educational institutions.

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Residential customers, please visit Atlantic Renewables about solar photovoltaic and small wind turbine systems for your home.