Renewable Energy Solutions

Atlantic Renewable Energy invites you to re-think solar energy.  The various incentives may be used to offset your investment cost and allow you to enjoy stable electricity costs for the life of the system.  Direct ownership of the solar electric system is appropriate for businesses able to take advantage of tax breaks.  Some of the incentives available to you may be found at

Atlantic Renewable Energy is able to offer solar leasing options.  Solar leasing from Infinergy Wind and Solar is available in many parts fo the US.  CitizenRE solar leasing is availalbe in select states now and is expanding its coverage.  You can reaserve your system today.

Atlantic Renewable Energy can arrange third party ownership of the solar electric or other renewable energy system, allowing building owners the benefits of clean, onsite energy without the commitment of capital.  Power purchase agreements allow schools, churches, utilities, governments, and others to enjoy all of the benefits of clean renewable power while indirectly sharing in the federal, state, and other local incentives.


  • No capital commitment by building owner
  • Protection against untility rate increases
  • Stops pollution and displays environmental stewardship
  • Enjoy positive public relations
  • Avoids ownership and performance risk
  • Inprove facility with outside financial assistance
  • Uni-Solar's roof friendly solutions can be coupled with superior roof solutions to outsource roofing responsibility for 20 years


  • Customer pays only for the electricity produced
  • Contracts are 15 - 25 year terms
  • 1st year fixed electricity rates
  • Fixed annual escalation in rates
  • 300 kW minimum system size
  • Subject to credit approval and incentive availability - best for stable occupancy
  • Applications - Utilities, business, government, and industry

Images of existing solar installations.